Co-operative Education in Business Management

Co-operative Education in Business Management

Practicing skills and applying Business Administration (International Business Management)
knowledge learned in class
2. Learning new skills or acquiring new information about Business Administration (International
Business Management)
3. Enhancing attitudes or motivation toward Business Administration (International Business
1. Advisor, supervisor and apprenticeship students clearly understand the purpose of
co-operative education and learning expectations.
2. Advisors and supervisor can suitably assign tasks, monitor and evaluate the trainee.
3. Students can learn and achieve as prescribed.
This program engages the student in a work-place environment. There is a strong emphasis on the application of business administration skills in a private or government organization. The selected organizations must have a co-operative education agreement with the University. Students will be in full-time employment with the organization under the supervision of an organization appointed advisor who will plan. Direct, oversee and accept responsibility for the student’s performance. A job description and work plan is specified for the student- the work plan will meet the requirements of the company and could entail a routine work schedule or special project work. Evaluation for the subject will be based on work supervisor’s feedback and a report from the student regarding their experience. Details of the report to be specified by the lecturer in charge of the subject.

Remarks: 1 The period of employment will be no less than sixteen continuous weeks. 2. The assessment of this subject will be either ‘S’ (satisfactory) or ‘U’ (unsatisfactory)

3. Students may be employed with an overseas company provided that a suitable agreement is established between the organization and the University prior to the start of semester.
1 hours
(1) Honesty and confidentiality of the company
(2) Discipline, punctuality
(3) Respect the rules of company.
(4) With perseverance, patience.
(5) Have responsibility
Orientation before student start co-operative education Schedule daily work. Requiring compliance with the rules of company, as well as other employees.

Students follow the rules of company.
Assess student learning by recording their performance reports. Mentor and administrators evaluate student by observe behavior and expression during co-operative education and record results with a signature performance each week.

Supervisor assesses honesty, confidentiality and responsibility of students from the information contained in the reports of the operation.
Have knowledge of international business management. Understand how to work in company. Understand management system

Understand the roles, regulatory practices of company.
Arrange mentor to guide about students duties and provide document of the work related to have self-study. - Self-study and practice under the supervision of a mentor.

- Self-learning students from observing and interacting with the staff and study documents.
Assess student learning by recording their performance reports.

Evaluate by mentor and supervisor.
Can analyze and report compliance theoretical knowledge with practical work. Can show knowledge of the concept in theory, properly develop or improve To analyze problems and propose solutions. Can apply theoretical knowledge with the practical work.

Ability to think analysis and use of office equipment, computing and financial need by using Information Technology
Work as employee. Assign to create project related their works.

Supervisor visit student at workplace
Assess student learning by recording performance reports.

Evaluate by mentor and supervision by the reports of the operation
Responsible for the assignment. Learn your own emotional state. Understanding of working life and can be adapted to work with others. Properly express their feeling and opinions.

Develop by learning new things.
Interact with people on various levels. Work as well as employees.

Supervisor visit student at workplace
Assess student learning by recording performance reports. Mentors assess student’s behavior by observation and interview senior staffs.

Assess by performance reports
Use knowledge of banking and finance to make a proper decision. The ability to present ideas both social and academic to individual and a group of persons both oral presentations and written reports appropriately and effectively

Use information technology to communicate ideas and information
Presentation about problem and solution of workplace experience.

Require performance reports submission date
Assess student learning by providing reports. Mentor and supervisor evaluate students by numerical analysis.

Evaluate pre co-operative education by operational report
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1 Assessment from apprentice enterprise 16 50
2 Assessment from university supervisor 17 20
3 Attending activities (Orientation /post training/Job Hunting/meeting) 1-17 15
4 Memorandum book/ Project Report 17 15
Evaluation form